About Marlpa Waste Logistics

Marlpa Waste Logistics is a 100% Aboriginal owned and managed business providing waste management services to the Marlpa (Pilbara) region.

Our mission

Our mission is to work with local businesses, industries and governments across the Marlpa (Pilbara) region in the implementation of reducing, reusing, repairing, recycling and recovering waste.


Our core values

Marlpa Waste Logistics regard social, environmental and economic sustainability as vital to what we do and how we do it.  


We truly believe that if you look after country, country will look after you. This belief forms part of our company's core values and means that we care for the land, the water and its people in a sustainable way.


Our History

Marlpa Waste Logistics is the new name for Karratha Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd (KSBH) which has been trading in Karratha since 2013.  Marlpa Waste Logistics is a genuine 100% owned and managed Aboriginal business and has an advisory board of Directors from several local Aboriginal Corporations. 

In 2019 Marlpa Alliance assisted KSBH to expand its skip hire services to divert more items from landfill including electronic waste, metals and tyres.  Marlpa Waste Logistics also provides services on behalf of other local waste companies and has contracts with local, national and international businesses.

Marlpa Waste Logistics is committed to providing sustainable employment and economic benefits for Aboriginal people.  Marlpa Waste Logistics provides training and apprenticeship opportunities as well as full time employment for qualified and licensed waste operatives.

Marlpa Waste Logistics is a growing company and always looking for new opportunities.  If you would like to be part of our journey to a zero waste future whilst caring for country, please contact us.


Zero waste future
whilst caring for country


Our Vision
Success Stories

In 2020, Marlpa Waste Logistics were awarded a Regional Economic Development Grant by Pilbara Development Commission to develop green waste collection and provide cyclone clean-up to two Aboriginal Communities.

Marlpa Waste Logistics won a Stream 2 WasteSorted e-waste 2020-21 grant funded by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation in partnership with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for collection of e-waste in the Pilbara.


Our Company

Karratha Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd (registered 2013)
trading as

Marlpa Waste Logistics

ABN 27 165 986 372